KID-CO grew out of a belief that children benefit form a joyful introduction of learning through play.
Our School Prep Program , supporting each student as he or she develops confidence in learning. Classes are taught in a fun, caring, nurturing and positive environment.  Our innovative curriculum builds beyond the fundamentals as teachers encourage interactive literacy and thematic experiences that strengthen social and intellectual learning through physical science, social studies, gymnastics, and art lessons.  Teachers promote language and literacy development by introducing stimulating and challenging activities that reinforce higher levels of letter recognition, phonemic awareness, expressive and receptive language, oral language comprehension and concepts of print.

Math theories and principles reinforce creative problem solving skills encouraging increased proficiency in numeration, ordering, measurement, place value and charts and graph work.

We are serving children ages 3-5 in School Prep Program. Our curriculum embraces the whole child as we engage in purposeful learning experiences to support social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

KID-CO has as a mini town with 7 playscapes.

We create a curriculum for young children to gain knowledge in the areas of:
• Home Center Dramatic Play – exploring ways to be a family and learning in a home setting.
• Kidzeria – Time to Cook! Let’s learn recipes and measurement. Mixing and pouring with yummy results.
• Library – creating young authors and illustrators for the future. Exploring the world of literacy through the eyes of the child.
• Market – Promoting healthy eating and organic food for thought.
• Post Office – Let’s learn about the world! Exploring ways geographically through the use of maps and letter writing.
• Workshop – Learning to create with our hands. Fine motor skills for building and creating.
• School – Bringing together our playscapes adventures and challenging young minds to connect with learning!

Phonetic Awareness of Alphabet Letters – 26 letters and sounds
Numbers – 1 through 20 recognition and grouping of numbers
Shapes – defined and identified triangles, circles,squares, and diamonds
Colors – classification and recognition in our everyday life; i.e. the sky, sun, apple, and tree.

We offer the kind of structure that gives children a sense of safety and security as they explore their world, with the flexibility that both encourages and empowers them to stretch themselves and develop as individuals.