Terrific 2's

TERRRIFIC 2's - final-01Our Terrific 2’s program meets 1 day per week for 2 hours per day and incorporates art, gym and music, with a focus on sensory and social development. Terrific 2’s students are introduced to age appropriate letter identification and receptive language development in addition to important emerging literacy skills fostered through handling books, listening to stories and a healthy dose of music and movement.
Fundamental math skills such as numbers, shapes, sorting and ordering are taught each week as well as beginning reasoning skills from our sensory exploration and science units. 2's students build self-confidence and body awareness through activities engaging balance, strength, and hand-eye coordination, while verbal, social and fine motor skills are developed through imaginative art projects and an energetic, musical circle time that delves into the world around us.

Learning and Activity Units:

Interactive Play
Students experience independent exploration and social interactions through interactive play at the start of each day. State-of-the-art toys, manipulatives and props are arranged thematically each week to keep expanding upon the each student's experience. The materials chosen to support fine and gross motor skills, imaginary and construction play, developmentally appropriate letter and number awareness as well as creating a sense of community in class.
Students are exposed to a wide variety of art materials, textures, and tools through process oriented art projects. Teachers guide students to follow multiple step instructions as students are encouraged to complete projects independently. As children learn to handle and hold new art tools and utensils, their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills increase in dexterity. Students bring home their unique art project to share with their families. This allows students to develop a sense of pride in their creations, fostering confidence and self-esteem.
Music and Movement
Music and Movement lessons expose children to a variety of musical styles and sounds through dance and instruments. Students are exposed to a new musical instrument and a new international song each week and are encouraged to explore tempo, pitch and rhythm. Through new music and repetition of familiar songs, students develop language and music appreciation.
It is well known that an active body feeds a growing mind, and we provide daily physical activity as a core part of the curriculum. Students, also, develop an understanding of rules and organization, a sense of teamwork and fair play, building strong values and strong muscles at the same time.
Cutting edge toys, props and varied art supplies are available in every class as students are introduced to different art mediums. Verbal, social and fine motor skills are developed through imaginative art projects and an energetic, musical circle time that explores and highlights the world around us. Our focus is always on process-oriented as opposed to product-oriented art lessons as children are encouraged to complete the project individually with minimal assistance from instructors. Math and science learning tools - magnets, clay, water bins, artificial snow, lasers, and more - are incorporated into the classroom providing each student unique challenges at the individual level. These exploratory activities encourage an inquisitive mind and introduce the concept of cause and effect.