Our Milestones program meets 1 day per week for 45 minutes, focusing on sensory and social development through pretend play, art, gym, sensory and music. It's the perfect first school experience for many children.  Terrific 2's students are introduced to age appropriate letter awareness and receptive language development in addition to important emerging literacy skills fostered through handling books, listening to stories and a healthy dose of music and movement.
Students are introduced to fundamental math skills each week as well as beginning reasoning skills from our sensory exploration and science units. Terrific 2's students build self-confidence and body awareness through activities engaging balance, strength, and hand-eye coordination, while verbal, social and fine motor skills are developed through imaginative art projects and an energetic, musical circle time that delves into the world around us.

Learning and Activity Units

Interactive Play
Students experience independent exploration and social interactions through interactive play at the start of each day.  State-of-the-art toys, manipulatives and props are arranged thematically each week to keep expanding upon the each student's experience.  The materials chosen support fine and gross motor skills, imaginary and construction play, developmentally appropriate letter and number awareness as well as creating a sense of community in class.


Students initiate child-directed play with a range of art materials, textures, and tools through prepared art stations.  Teachers work with small groups to create hands-on, process-oriented projects for which the emphasis is on creative development, self-expression and tactile experiences, rather than the final product.  As children learn to handle and hold new art tools and utensils, their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills increase in dexterity.  Students are introduced to new terms and vocabulary which supports the students' expressive and receptive language skills.

Circle Time

Classroom puppets visit each day and initiate activities that support expressing one’s self through movement, singing new and familiar songs, and engaging in imaginative play.  These moments found within our Circle Time curriculum enhance language skills, develop imagination and exercise memory. Rhythm, rhyme and new vocabulary promote language development as children explore instruments while singing and dancing.


It is well known that an active body feeds a growing mind, and we provide daily physical activity as a core part of the curriculum.  Gymnastic mats and sport equipment are offered each day to strengthen emerging skills such as jumping, balancing, and hand-eye coordination.


Through sensory exploration, the students, have the opportunity to get messy and freely explore multiple sensory stations.  Students engage all basic five senses as they investigate the various materials: water, sand, feathers, etc.  Sensory enhances the understanding of cause and effect, learning how to hold developmentally appropriate science tools and deciphering the difference between edible items and non-edible items.